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International Project Management Workshop

Working in and with international teams is challenging - good communication is vital.

This workshop will help you to communicate more effectively in an international context. Ultimately you will be more successful.


After this workshop you can


Before the workshop you will complete a short online questionnaire, "The International Preference Indicator", known as IPI.

The computer-generated results are the basis of this workshop.

Together with the trainer and other participants you will identify the communications skills which are vital for you to work effectively in an international context.


Leading on from this you will pinpoint the challenges facing you when communicating and working with an international team, including virtual teams.

With the trainers' guidance the group participants help each other create their own personal development plan.

This workshop is bilingual - English and German.


An on-going coaching programme will keep you on track and help ensure sustainable improvements.

Information about the Trainer

Information about the International Preference Indicator