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Lindsey is an excellent German language trainer. She took an absolute beginner to a B1 level in only three years. I met with her normally 90 minutes per week although she was flexible for additional training when time permitted. She mixed up her approach and learning materials to keep the learning focused but fun. Some days were grammar marathons while others were spent discussing the children’s section of the local paper. I really enjoyed my time with Lindsey. Additionally, Lindsey was an exceptional resource for cultural explanations from the school system to local travel. I highly recommend Lindsey for anyone wanting to learn German.

Dr Todd Bryden ( USA)

"Lindsey was my German teacher for two years (2002-2004). I had just moved to Germany and I was a total beginner in German. I found the language very difficult and I struggled a lot learning it in parallel with my demanding job. I considered giving up on learning German several times and it is only thanks to Lindsey’s patience and support that I kept going. Lindsey recognises immediately when a student needs help. She always presented new material that captured my attention and she always found creative ways to keep me motivated. Lindsey has extensive training experience and professional qualifications in German language. Her preparation for the class was always very thorough and the time was used effectively.

At a more personal level, Lindsey is also very loved by her students for her positive attitude and she has a great ability to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Based on her numerous professional and personal skills and her ability to teach effectively, I highly recommend Lindsey as an outstanding German teacher.”

Simona Farcas ( Romania)

I was attending German individual course with Lindsey during my 2-year expatriate assignment in Düsseldorf. The great thing about these classes is that they were really customized to my needs, my German level and also adapted to my intense workload. Therefore, through them I got a very useful support for my daily life in Germany as well as for a better integration in the company. In the end, I decided to sign in for an official German exam and we worked with Lindsey on the tests, successfully passing it and obtaining the B2 Certificate

Núria Antoja
Marketing Manager( Spain)

I have known Lindsey since more than a year as I took individual German classes with her as teacher.

She is well prepared, and passionate. She likes very much teaching, and strives to obtain the best from her students. Extremely nice person, Lindsey always finds ways to motivate all students to not be scared of the new language, and "makes" you speak German even when you believe you will never be able to have any conversations. Finally, Lindsey definitely gives her students the opportunity to learn German in an enjoyable and productive way.

Dr Roberto Pela( Italy)

Lindsey was my German teacher during my Henkel years in Dusseldorf as an ex pat . I can only be thankful to her for her excellent job in supporting me during the first difficult months . Not only by communicating the necessary German teaching but even more supporting me mentally. A great listener and advisor/coach which is the best an expat can get!

Kostas Bersos ( Greece)

I had the pleasure to have Lindsey as German teacher during my Henkel foreign assignment in Dusseldorf.

Having trained a huge number of different nationalities, Lindsey has great know how in making her training style effective with every participant.

It was for me personally very easy to align from day 1 on a common development plan and establish a nice and relaxed working relationship.

Also it was really great to have a person always willing to have fun in every lesson - something that helped me a lot to keep my motivation always up and running.

I'd always recommend Lindsey for any person seeking a teacher with strong background and very friendly approach.

Gabriele Mariani
International SC Manager (Italy)

I was accompanying my expat spouse in Germany.

During two years, I took German lessons from Lindsey.

She is positive, kind, friendly, supportive and helpful.

I was enjoying the lessons as she paid attention to my interests.

I like to cook and wondered about German cooking so she was bringing recipes and we were chatting like we were neighbors.

Or I was wondering about German education system so she was bringing material and we were having conversation about it.

I was not only learning German but also gaining knowledge about what my interests, killing two birds with one stone.:)

Thanks for being a friend.

Berrak Karababa, (Turkey)